Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was up in the garage attic straightening it up a bit when a storm came through.  
I figured I was safe enough up there during a storm, so I kept working.
Then the power went out for about 30 seconds.  
It was very dark up there.

I could finish organizing project later.
As I entered the house, Gabby jumped up on me with a sense of urgency.  
So I let her out thinking she might want to do her business before it really started to pour.

5 minutes later:  No Gabby in sight.
10 minutes later:  Still no Gabby -- I'm whistling, calling, bribing.

It's pouring like the dickens, the thunder is deafening, the lightening, bright.

15 minutes later:  I'm very afraid she has bolted.  Ran for it.
She's never bolted during a storm before.  What on earth has spooked her?

The power goes out again.
The carbon monoxide monitor alarm beeps loudly.
That's what made her run. 
She always freaks out when the smoke alarm or the carbon monoxide monitor beeps.

Mystery solved -- 
Now to get her to come home.

More calling/whistling/bribing.

I look out the back garage door towards the shed --- 
Gabby comes running out from underneath the shed -- full speed.

Soaking wet and shaking
she runs into the garage, and cowers under a table.
I coax her out, wrap her in a towel, 
and hold her til she calms down.

Gabby retreats to under the couch
then under the bed
then under a different bed.
She's traumatized ... and tweaked out.

At least she knows to get out of the house
when the alarms go off!

An hour ago Gabby was running around outside
in the dark, and rain with lightening & thunder.
She didn't seem to mind it at all.

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