Monday, September 27, 2010

20 Things

1.   My first day on the new (nanny) job was awesome.
2.  I am loving this job already.
3.  I made one of my favorite desserts today -- old fashion apple slices.
4.  The apple slices are for DIY Guy's work party on Tuesday
5.  Gabby dreams. alot.

6.  Gabby caught a small garden snake tonight.  and almost ate it.
7.  Apparently the dance and screaming I did at that sight entertained DIY Guy.
8.  We closed up the pool tonight and said farewell to the sparkling blue water.
9.  There are scads of pears on the ground.  Unfortunately they ain't good for nuthin'.

10.  I'd love to buy this old shack on the Douglas (bike) Trail.

11.  I think the shack could be a gold mine --- like the Aroma Pie Shop in Whalen, MN

12.  Last week DIY Guy fixed our geriatric refrigerator.  again.

13.  My first unit supplies for my interior design course came in the mail today.
14.  School starts tomorrow for me!

15.  I woke up at 5:00 am this morning.
16.  My entire being - body, soul and mind protested.
17.  The new knitting project is coming along quite well.
18.  Olivia, the 5th grader I care for -- is learning to knit.  
19.  We bonded over knitting this morning.

20.  I felt more productive today than I have in a long time.

Have a great Tuesday friends!

thanks for your encouraging comment --- it made my day.


  1. I like your "20 things" blog!

    I'm glad you like your new job (on the first day)

    You inspired me to make something with apples

    I chuckled at the thought of you "dancing & screaming at Gabby, and Kirk liking it !

    You would be a perfect owner of that shack on the douglas trail, Now there's a goal for you...."the pie shack"or "Pies by Cheri", hows that sound?

    I smiled to myself when I saw Kirk on the floor fixin that fridge...again, what a guy.

    I think it's way cool that you and the 5th grader have knitting in common.

    May I copy your idea some day??? I thought it was great....20 things :)

  2. Huh. I wrote up a comment last night...talking about that old shack...wonder where it went?

    What I said was that Greg and I were JUST talking about that place on Sunday when we drove thru Douglas on our way to Northwoods Orchard.

    18 years ago, it was an actual little "general store" of sorts wasn't it?? Selling refreshments for people coming off the trail...we stopped there one afternoon in 1992(Greg had just started at IBM) when we were out in-line skating with friends. How crazy that you posted a picture of it the same day we were talking about it.

  3. Karyn, you are right....the shack did use to be some sort of little store. We used to ride the trail with the kids and get a pop from the machine outside....that was about 18 years ago!

    Jackie....copy all you want!

  4. Thanks for the blog shout out! I feel a little famous! :) Glad it encouraged you. Hope you are still loving it. I KNOW they are loving you...


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