Friday, August 27, 2010

Two days

Yesterday my afternoon was filled with these two beautiful young women

Today I'm hanging with these beautiful flowers . . .

Livin' the dream ...


  1. HOLY...COW... mom, those are seriously awesome senior pictures. you need to get into that professionally. Way better than ones i have seen of people who go to a business! Awesome job. Flowers are great too!

  2. Nice work on the Sr Pics... I know there are many more good ones -- they'll have fun pic'ing the pics they want :)

    You did a great job on the flowers for the wedding too.

  3. Cheri,

    You did a beautiful job with these portraits. Senior photos? I think you need a job at DMV so all our license pictures look just as good! :)

    Have to catch up with your posts. Ive been down and out with a migraine.

    Your Friend,

  4. Deborah.... sorry to hear about your migraine...I get them too...they are such time wasters! Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Oh, and yes, they are senior pictures.

  5. Great pics Cheri, and the flowers are beautiful... Have you started a portfolio yet? You need to :)

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