Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A proposal

If you've been hanging out here for awhile you probably remember Colin.  He is a talented and fun kid who hangs out at The Cottage -- when he is in town.  When he isn't in town he may be in Michigan, or taking video footage at weddings all over the country, or attending school in La Mirada, CA at Biola University ... or in Florida spending time with his lady.
I first introduced you to Colin here when I interviewed him.

I also showed you this video he made of himself for a girl named Emily who he had yet to meet in person -- I blogged about it here

Then Emily, the girl Colin made his video for responded to Colin with her own video . . .

In Response from Sarah Wilson on Vimeo.

Aren't they cute?  And creative?  Oh to have the energy they have!  What I couldn't get done in a day with all that energy.

Last week Colin had a very special surprise for Emily -- a day they will never forget. 
Here's his latest video:

Here's the story...       August 18, 2010.
Colin arranged a surprise visit to Sea World for Emily's birthday (well or so she thought). The only access the public has to the penguin habitat is by viewing from behind the thick glass. If a visitor gets lucky they may be able to walk on the concrete behind the scenes to pet a penguin, but they aren't allowed on the snow. After speaking with a few connections and after lots of phone calls emails and organizing, he had an in at SeaWorld.

Here's the Pre-Proposal story:
Along long time ago, a boy named colin reached out of a bus window and gave cookies to two girls, Sarah and Shannan, in Cannes France at the Film Festival. These girls then told Colin that he would make a perfect match for Emily Wilson (Sarah's sister in Florida). Colin & Emily began talking long distance without ever meeting, sending videos like the ones above. 
Eventually they met in the airport when Colin went to pickup Sarah and EMILY jumped out. They fell for each other fast, and 8 months later, Colin had a bigger surprise for Emily. :)

The idea of the pengiun proposal started with the metaphor of penguins picking a mate for life. Emily asked Colin to be her penguin about a few months after dating, and the metaphor has always been part of their relationship. When Colin decided he wanted to propose, he had to do something really big, and yet still original and significant to their relationship.

Jack Johnson - "Angel"
TobyMac - "City on our Knees"

Colin & Emily:  
all of us here at The Cottage send our congratulations and wish you both all the joys of a long and happy life together. 
Love you both, K & C

I'd love to hear your proposal stories.  
Or you'd like to propose someday to that special lady.  
Or how you'd like to be proposed to!


  1. That is an amazing sweet!!

    for me and Greg, I knew it was gonna happen sometime on the weekend it did, I just had no idea when, where or how. I was told to simply be waiting on the sidewalk outside my apartment in Eau Claire at 5pm on Friday October 16th, 1992 with an overnight bag and dressed pretty.

    Ultimately it involved a limo ride from Eau Claire to Rochester complete with champagne and listening to a custom "mix tape" which ended with Jean-Luc Picard saying "engage". We had a lovely dinner, a gift of a beautiful black leather coat, a serenade with a song he had written, the question and ring. And obviously a yes. ;-)

  2. Great engagement story Karyn!

  3. Cheri,

    You asked everyone about their proposals but I'm wondering, how did Kirk propose to you? :)

  4. CHERI :)
    thank you for keeping up with my life and sharing my stories (which i like people to hear :P) you have
    thanks for the encouragement and congratulations! you guys are wonderful support and we love you both!
    cant wait to see you this christmas!


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