Monday, August 23, 2010

It's not global warming . . . it's me.

Never mind the hot weather.

 Maybe not always ... but more often than is convenient.

Drinking hot coffee ain't happening when the heat is on so I drink my daily caffeine on the rocks.  Making coffee cubes keeps my morning brew from getting too diluted!

After DIY Guy fills his thermos for work, I pour the remaining morning brew into a canning jar and pop it in the freezer to cool it down quickly.

Changed up my morning beverage today with a little flavored creamer. 
Usually it's skim milk with a teaspoon of Splenda. 

I do what I can
to keep it cool

personal summers
quick tropical vacations
make me wonder if all us Baby Boomers are the
real reason for Global Warming!

Chillin at The Cottage ...

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  1. It has been a warm Summer -- love it! Nice pic of the uber large fire too!


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