Sunday, August 15, 2010

I can therefore, I Can.

Today I canned.

The thought of canning typically invokes images of a messy kitchen covered with tomato splatter on sink, cupboards, counters and floor....and spending the day on my feet.

Yesterday I washed my kitchen floor.  on my hands and knees.

Why on earth would I want to risk soiling my freshly cleaned floor?

because I had picked a bushel of these this morning
and something had to be done with them

so, with my friend Deb's famous salsa recipe in hand
I got busy

as the salsa was "cooking" Colin stopped by to visit
and say good-bye until December
He became the self-acclaimed taste-tester

and after several full bowls of salsa  ... with a few chips
he proclaimed my concoction "excellent" and ready for the canner.

and this my friends . . .

is the BEST part of canning.

Seeing the fruit of your labor lined up
on the kitchen counter ~
and hearing the popping of the jars sealing
confirming a successful "putting up" of the salsa
is worth the mess.

Today, my floor survived
and so did my back and feet.

I'll be at it again next week
putting up these:

and these:

which will turn my floor into a sticky mess
and my stove top into.... 
it will be worth it... it WILL be worth will be worth it
oh, sorry...
sometimes I have to psych myself up for the process.

Do you can?
Have you ever canned?
Want to come help me?


  1. would it be to much to ask for you to wait to do the peaches with me? I wanna learn it to late if you wait till then?

  2. I don't can, but I can (pun intended :) say it is very tasty to have the fruits (and vegetables) of your labors. Love it.

  3. I'd LOVE to come help! Let me know what day and time!

  4. I'm afraid of it. I can't multitask and have more than one pot boiling at once. I'm sure it's "easy" once you get the hang of it. Wanna be the traveling canning lady and do it at other peoples' house? I know where there's more romas!

  5. Karyn....I'd love to have you help! Keep your calendar clear for a day or two next week. We can also put up Peaches for you....YFC usually has extra if you get there early....give the office a call.

    Jen....I'll help you can...but you'll have to come here....just too much stuff to lug.

  6. Cara...
    We'll figure something out so you can learn!

    When you move "home" we will be able to can together! :)

  7. Cheri, I would love to help, not sure when your canning but I will be gone next week at camp. If it's the week after hit me up. Miss you!


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