Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Green Room - A work in progress

A while back I determined that having an upstairs office wasn't such a great idea.  It was too far away from the kitchen, and the hub of activity -- and quickly became a place to "stash" stuff.  With guests coming, and kids and friends returning home for visits, I was ready to make the room a guest room.  again.

Since I'm on a tight budget right now , I decided to keep the same wall color (Sherwin Williams #6401 Independent Gold) -- I also happen to really like the color.  

I love the look of twin beds in a room.  These two beds and frames were purchased on Craig's List and are in great condition.  At first I was hesitant to buy used mattresses -- but then I realized each time I stay at a hotel I sleep on a mattress that MANY other people have slept on!  (we'll save my neurosis on that subject for another post.)
Back to the beds --- I have a Jenny Lind frame (in the attic) that my mom slept on growing up and plan to use it in the room -- as soon as I find another matching frame. 
For now the plain frames will be fine.

The bedding is from Wal-Mart (or The Walmarts- depending on where you're from).  I was a little hesitant since I love good sheets -- but these sheets aren't bad -- for now -- and they are so cute and perfect for the room.

  • Striped flat sheet in cottage colors:  $3.00.
  • White flat sheet:  $3.00
  • White cotton blanket (doubling as a spread):  $9.88
  • Throw pillows:  my old throws with Target pillow cover:  (about $4.00) that I had on hand.
  • TOTAL Bedding:  $31.76 (tax not included)

The little commode and the mirror are either getting painted or maybe even removed.  Remember this is a work in progress....on a tight budget.

I've had the vanity for years -- now I'm contemplating painting it white.  Baby Girl has expressed interest in putting it in her room too, so I might use the commode between the two beds.

I still want to get something on the walls, and the bed frames, and figure out the window -- maybe a matchstick blind?  Maybe an accent rug between the beds?

I'm linking this post to The Lettered Cottage - so you can see other guest room re-dos.  Check out the post from  Miss Mustard Seed and what she did in her guest room!  DIY Guy....you there?  I'd like to do the same thing on the walls in our bedrooms!...a few of the rooms?  one of the rooms?  


  1. very cute! And, oh dear, who calls it the Walmarts? That reminds me of patients that come up from the south and say, "We knew we had to get ourselves up here to The Mayo".

  2. I think Amy might have one of the Jenny Lind frames? Cute, cute, cute

  3. Anonymous7:42 PM CDT

    I got a tour, and both newly designed bedrooms at the cottage wonderful! Really cozy, makes you want to lay back and read a good book...wake me for dinner : )

    Good seeing you today

  4. I love twin beds too. Wish we could have them in our home.



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