Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fruit Fly Season

Another canning day today -- this time, peaches.

14 Quarts.

With about 25 years of canning experience under my belt, I am proud to say that my efficiency, speed and neatness has improved.  alot.

DIY Guy requested peach crisp 

I wanted to try a new peach salsa recipe

There's still a lug of pears ripening in my laundry room -- I 'spect they will be ripe enough to "put up" by Thursday.  I hope so -- because I have wedding flowers to do on Friday and Saturday!

With all the fruit and tomatoes in my kitchen a fool-proof Fruit Fly catcher is top priority.
If you struggle with Fruit Flies in your kitchen (and who doesn't?) give this a try:

Gather up some
apple cider vinegar
dish soap
a small jar - with a lid
I like using a small jelly jar, but any
kind of jar with a lid will work -- recycle!

pour some cider vinegar in the jar
Fruit Flies can't resist the smell of cider vinegar

add a few drops of dish soap
the dish soap makes the vinegar sticky
and keeps the flies IN the jar

Punch holes in your jar lid and fasten it.
I used big nail from DIY Guy's workshop
to pound the holes in the canning jar lid.

Gabby is wondering if I could make her a squirrel catcher -- I told her SHE is the squirrel catcher!


  1. whose flowers are you doing!? I hope i get to try peach salsa!!!!

  2. whose flowers are you doing!? I hope i get to try peach salsa!!!!

  3. Looks amazing, yummy yummy.

  4. Two comments:

    1) The fruit fly trap works very well.

    2) The peach dessert was wonderful... NOM.


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