Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Five States. One Weekend.

We returned last evening from our five state pack as much as you can into a weekend trip.
Heading East on I-90 began on Friday morning.

Arriving a little over 5 hours later at the home of my sister (and family), we hugged and kissed the 7 family members already there (including Cara and Tim) and used the next hour or so to get ourselves primped and ready for a wedding.

My girls love their shoes. 
Those two feet on the far right belong to Baby Girl and Wild One.

It was a good thing we left the house on time.  Traffic in the Chicago area on a Friday evening at 5pm is inconceivable.

and, I forgot the wedding card in the car, so DIY Guy had to re-trace the several block walk BACK to the vehicle to retrieve the card.  Which turned out ok for me ... I love how he looks in a suit, so I enjoyed the view as long as I could.

While we waited for DIY Guy to return with the card, I warmed up the camera.

Everyone cleans up so nicely. 

Our boy with his cousins
DIY Guy and I made it to the ceremony location in plenty of time to see my cousin's husband walk their daughter down the aisle.  The bride is my 1st cousin once removed.  I think.  Doesn't really matter to me though.  I love Ashley just the same as if she wasn't once removed.

The reception was held in an historic building, The Baker Hotel in St. Charles, IL.
A beautiful venue.  The reception was in the Rainbow Room -- the flooring was some type of glass block tile with lights under it.

The lights changed colors.  The dance floor was literally HOT.  A hot dance floor might be hot on the feet, especially if you take your shoes off, but it doesn't keep people from dancing.  The kids cut up the floor all night!

Partying until 1:00 am - priceless.
In bed by 2:00 am - dumb.
Up by 8:00 am - difficult.

Day Two of our five state weekend to come.


  1. Fun times and nice pics... thx for documenting.

    I heard from some of the girls -- the dance floor was HOT! (literally) :O

  2. Loved the pics of everyone "all dressed up" The one's of the girls with their BF"s are priceless. Cant wait to hear about more of your weekend fun.


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