Friday, August 06, 2010

Day 3: Beach town

Continuing the five states one weekend story ... 
It's Day Three.  If you are just tuning in, you can catch up on Day One here and Day Two here.

Sunday we explored the little beach town of New Buffalo.  I kept telling our friends Sue and Ed that I had no idea they lived within 15 minutes of a vacation wonderland.  
The main street was filled with cute little shops, boutiques, touristy stores, ice cream parlors and restaurants.  

We browsed shops for as long as the men could stand it.  Then the restaurants beckoned. It was time for lunch.

DIY Guy was enticed by The Stray Dog.  The motto at The Stray Dog....Come. Sit. Stay.

The menu was full of wonderful options.
DIY Guy and I were not disappointed with our Chicago style hot dog.

Everyone really liked what they ordered ... wings, hot dogs, Hawaiian burger, club sandwich...

After lunch we said good-bye to Wild One and Tim.  They had to return to work the next day and wanted to get on the road to Cincy.

As I watched these two walk away I choked back tears, and
and said to my friend who I knew would understand,
"do you ever get used to saying good-bye to your children"?
We both agreed.  You never get used to it.

After saying good-bye, we headed to the beach.
My camera to my eye kept people from seeing the pooled tears. 

The Marina was a great boat/people watching spot.

We saw the big yachts, and the little jet skis

But what really caught our eyes were the Chris Craft antique boats 

I'm not into boats -- and really don't know much about them, but this beauty...I fell in love with.  How awesome to have a vintage boat like this ... and the couple with the straw hats?  Oh my.  I plan to blow this picture up and frame it!  Check out the name of their boat ...

Baby Girl requested a return trip to the New Buffalo beach to watch the sunset.
We were all happy to oblige.  Seriously, who can turn down a beach sunset?

It wasn't the grandest of sunsets.  
In fact it bordered on lame.
But it was still a sunset -- and had redeeming qualities.

Beside the less than spectacular sunset, I had to do some fancy footwork to avoid getting a group of 5 people in the water who managed to continually align themselves with the setting sun.  That's a blog post in itself.

There were several pictures that did turn out in spite of the group of swimmers who I'd bet  (if I were a betting gal) were intentionally trying to get in my sunset photos.  The good pics will be in the earlier mentioned post in the future!

The End.

P.S.  My brother-in-love said the Chris Craft boats go for about $80,000!  That's more than the first house DIY Guy and I bought!


  1. It looks like you guys are having a blast!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and the great comment. I have been to New Buffalo. There is a secret street you can turn on and see some awesome homes. So glad to 'meet' you!

  3. Such pretty pictures! Looks like such a fun trip.

  4. That kissin' in the sunset pic is beautiful... I love seeing your photos and how your kids all love being together...


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