Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cottage Life

I'm reliving life with kids again!
The Cottage is alive with constant chatter, motion, hungry children, and sweet laughter.

Last Monday we picked up our 7 year old niece Jersti, and her 5 year old brother, Kale on our way through Chicago and brought them back to MN with us.

 We  had them all to ourselves to spoil er, um...enjoy

until Thursday evening 
when their momma, poppa and big sister and brother arrived at The Cottage

They came with their boat too.

so we took them to Lake Pepin in Lake City
the birthplace of water skiing

and we loved on them there too 

and enjoyed watching the water ski show they provided

and savored moments with little ones that 
we know grow up WAY too fast

while we were out on the lake we happened to see friends we have known for over 25 years....back to pre-children days!  

they didn't see us 
 -- so I creeped on them with the telephoto
hoping to surprise them later by sending these photos

Turns out they had just pulled out their boat before us
so I warned them of my creeping
which was minimal

We have the kids and their parents here all this week too -- they are vacationing at The Cottage! 
The motion is non-stop -- and I don't mind a dadgum bit!

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  1. Aww, that was such a sweet blog. Those kids are so cute and they'll have such special memories of you guys! I love the pic of you and Jersti at the end :)

  2. What a fun time for you all,great pics

  3. Fun day on the lake -- Aunt Sota does a great job hosting and cooking for the crowd :)

  4. I see now who your favorite entire blog on their visit... she has always been the baby and the favorite.
    (Please know that I am JUST KIDDING)...

    Seriously, it looks like a great time!!! Wish we were there.

  5. Enjoy your company and the energy for life children naturally generate!


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