Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Evenings. Two Sunsets.

Wednesday evening DIY Guy and I were out at "The Man's Mall", also known as Fleet Farm to folks in these parts.  Farm & Fleet to folk in other parts of the country ... like Illinois and Wisconsin.  I was running low on chicken feed.  

When we walked out the door, I gasped.  The people walking out in front of me were gasping too.  The sky was lit up in brilliant pinks, blues and purples.  DIY Guy pulled out his phone and got a picture -- and I was wishing I had an i-Phone --- then I called Nate and ordered him to grab my camera and run outside to the highest spot in the neighborhood,

or a scenic location, or the water tower, or anywhere he could get some nice shots of the amazing sky.  It was about 9:10 pm.

My boy did not disappoint.

Other than cropping, his photos are SOC (straight out of camera)

Last night DIY Guy and I enjoyed an evening downtown.
Driving home we were treated to yet another
beautiful sunset.

We passed the exit for our house and headed north and west.

This time with my camera.

My man has an eye for a sunset

I gave up on finding a good shot -- thinking the sun had set.
DIY Guy doesn't give up as easily as I do.
I like that about him!


  1. I was no where near my camera, but i did get to see the sunsets... both nights I was wishing I was somewhere high up...with my camera . The photo's are beautiful, isnt God's artwork amazing ! Thanks for sharing his beauty

  2. How awesome is that???


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