Thursday, July 15, 2010

Second hand

I'm in the middle of several projects here at The Cottage (name still to be determined) because that's how I roll.  With the projects I've assigned myself, and the projects that pop-up as I go through my day, and the project list from DIY Guy, I have plenty of things to keep me busy -- in case you are wondering what I do all day long at home.

The BIG project right now is working on our boy's room.  We hauled all his belongings and furniture (except one bookshelf) out to the garage where he is supposed to be sorting through everything and either tossing, giving, or keeping.  That step is going a bit slower than I'd like.  

As the boy sorts, I'm trying to choose a paint color.  I'll be painting the woodwork white and the walls a grayish-blue.  We've decided to go with a coastal theme in his room.  The long term plan is to put in the beaded board you see below (piece leftover from another project) on all the walls - either four or five feet up the wall.  For now we will just paint -- it's cheaper.

We still need a bed or maybe two for his room.  At this point I'll go with whatever I find first -- a full, queen, or two twins.  Original plan was to go with two twins -- but the boy needs a bed (I took his bed for the guestroom) -- soon.

While scouring Craigslist for a bed, I found a listing for a 7-1/2 foot long window bench.
The size of our bay window in the dining area!
Our handsome and accommodating young man of a son took me in his truck to see the bench, which I purchased, and he loaded in the truck, strapped it in, drove us home with it and carried it in with me.
It fits great -- and was much cheaper than buying the wood and fabric, and cushion.

When DIY Guy has time (and money) to make a custom bench for the window -- it will be much nicer than this one -- but in the meantime --

This one is serving us well.  It does give me another project though -- painting it.
Gabby thinks it is just fine the way it is -- and has already logged many hours on it!

I'm off to do my 10 minute daily hunt on Craigslist for a cheap, excellent condition bed(s).
Wish me luck! 


  1. Or we could modify this to fit better! :O

  2. Cool Bench looks perfect there!


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