Sunday, July 25, 2010


This weekend we had both at The Cottage.

Saturday was a planned party.
We hosted a gathering for the artsy people who serve at our church -- the musicians, vocalists, tech team, actors/actresses... 

At about 7:30 pm we realized it had been nearly 4 hours since we had guests at The Cottage, so we called Darold and Alice (neighbors) to join us poolside for beverages & snacks.

Today Baby Girl was home most of the day --

then Ryan brought Sarah over to meet us

then Jon and Kate (minus 8) joined us 

then Colin came

and then
Nate came back from his weekend trip to Winona

love, love, love

that the kids bring their boyfriends/girlfriends
to introduce them to us

When we met Sarah
she said, "I've heard so much about you"
I like to believe that is a good thing.

Ryan, Sarah is a keeper!
Colin, Kate, DJ -- you know we believe you have
keepers too!


  1. Nice to have a relaxing day at the pool (yesterday)! Thx for the pics.

  2. what about my bf...gosh i move to ohio and i can't be your kid any more...i try and bring him home.


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