Monday, July 05, 2010

Observant? Or not so much?

Are you the observant type?  Or, are you more likely to experience a cringe moment when your friend (or even worse... your significant other) refers to their new hairstyle and you suddenly become very aware you are that person who did not notice the 6" hair removal and color switch from brunette to a blonde?

For the benefit of my detail challenged readers, and first time visitors, let me point out that I have changed my blog title.  

I expected this surrender of the "Make Good Choices" theme would arrive one day and I'd have to hand over the title to it's rightful owner - and originator of the phrase - my sister. When I began this blog back in December, 2005,  my computer savvy children, suggested the title, and the URL.  It was a no brainer at the time -- with two kids in high school and one in college -- they had been told to "make good choices" every time they walked out the door.  Our "Wild One" (Cara) even wrote her high school graduation speech based on the phrase (you can read it on the sidebar).

This weekend my seester, Deedee took the plunge and decided to make her debut in blogland.  The time had come to hand over the title.  

For over a year now I've been trying to choose a name for our cottage -- which I've always referred to as The Cottage.   My kids, sister, and nieces helped me narrow down a list of possible names for The Cottage this weekend.  

This is where you come us choose!

If I thought it would be something that you'd enjoy, I'd offer a prize to someone who suggests a name for the cottage that I like better than my choices!  Maybe a night's stay at the cottage?  Dinner & wine included.  And pool.  And hot tub.

No other changes with the blog -- just the name.  
Thanks for voting -- and sending in your suggestions!


  1. i still like Clover Cottage. :-)

  2. Looking at our front yard -- I think Clover Cottage is a winner :)

  3. you would try to vote for one that wasn't there nate! :P

    and i like Country View Cottage (3 words instead of 2... i know our family has decided upon moving in here there despite what the street sign says, that our address is countryview not country view :P )

    i also like grace cottage :D

    i know whichever you decide on will be perfect though! :D

  4. Natasha Zabek5:57 PM CDT

    I have never been to The Cottage (although I would love to visit :) ) but I think the name Firefly Cottage is neat. I think of firefly's in the country at dusk in the summer. Just a suggestion! Good luck on your pursuit to find a name for The Cottage.

  5. Tasha....funny you should suggest Firefly Cottage....I actually have it on my "long" list of names I like! I'll keep it in mind. Do they have Firefly's in Georgia?

  6. I noticed the second I clicked over here tonight!

    I loved make good choices (I say it to Coleo all the time.)

    hmmmm...of your choices..I think I like countryview cottage...cause you've carved out your very own slice of country up thar...

  7. Natasha Zabek9:56 AM CDT

    Yes! We have a TON of firefly's in Georgia. I love to sit on my back porch and watch them! So relaxing.


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