Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Like OR Dislike

Consider this fair warning.
The images you are about to see may be disturbing to some.
They also could be cool to others.

I'll let you decide . . .

Itty-bitty, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy, little toad:
Cool?  or  Gross?
When I was a young punk with no fear and lots of curiosity, I liked little toads.  I even played with them...built them sand mansions with sand tennis courts and pools made from old tuna cans. 
That was THEN -- now toads kinda give me the creeps.  I think reptile/amphibian type creatures are gross.  Especially when I find them doing the back float in the pool.  Especially when they are HUGE -- and do we ever find huge toads around the cottage!

Peeling skin.
This one might be too much for some of you to handle.  I'm sorry.  Really I am.
This week our boy is shedding more of his DNA than a human should.  Seriously, he's peeling like it's his job.

My take is people are either in one camp or another on this one.
1.  You ignore peeling skin.
2.  You can't resist a good peel.

Cool?  or  Gross?

Our boy is a peeler.  He gets that gene from his momma.  
I do draw the line with him leaving his DNA around the house.  I just don't care to see the DNA patches on my bathroom sink when I brush my teeth in the morning. 

My apologies for the grossness of this post.
Or...hope you enjoyed the cool factor!


  1. I wont tell you what I used to do to toad when I was a kid... ewwww.
    I mostly hate it when I hit one with a lawn mower, ever done that.
    The peeling skin doesnt bother me, I just dont like seeing it laying around the house. Cant remeber the last time anyone peeled around here.

  2. Oh I like the new pic on the blog -- it's much better now that it's a little smaller -- good job!

  3. jack just caught a little bitty toad the other day too...so cute.

    The whole peeling skin thing is kinda of intriguing to me too. ;-)


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