Thursday, July 08, 2010

Have you voted?

All who visit -- have not voted.
Half of visitors haven't voted.

I realize it's a commitment -- and risky to click on a button -- and cast a vote.
You can do it.
I will forever be grateful!

Here's the current poll results:

Firefly Cottage is definitely leading the pack.
If you feel really daring today --- tell my why you chose the cottage name!
Click HERE to go to the polling place ... and cast your vote!  Or you can just scroll down to the next post.

and tell me ... Do you like to eat at Chipotle?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. If anyone says they don't like eating at chipotle, they are lying. It's like saying you don't pick your nose... ummm yea you do, quit lying!

  2. I lOve chipotle! Their guacamole makes me happy! Just voted! I couldn't see it on my reader before.

  3. I love Chipotle, but I no longer eat there due to attempts to burn more calories in one day when I put in my mouth :(

    PS: For some reason, I don't feel compelled to vote, I liked your old blog name.....

  4. I now LOVE Rusty Cricket Cottage...and yes I voted. ;-)

  5. Ok, I voted. I still like Country View/Countryview Cottage - I like alliteration.

    I almost posted on fb the other day that I may be the only person on the planet (well, besides my kids) who doesn't like Chipotle. It's way too spicy - and that's before you even get to the salsa!!

  6. i love chipotle! and Jen - you have to try the carnitas (the pork) before you give up! i used to not like it either cuz i always got chicken which is very spicy, but the carnitas isn't at all! i promise! i would know b/c i'm the most sensitive person to spicy food i know! :D


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