Monday, July 26, 2010

Garden Review

I'll tell you ..
it grows..

which is starting to turn to seed

and gobs and gobs of birdhouse gourds

 which are shamelessly taking over the garden

AND the yard 

but then, so are their cousins
the pumpkins

Every day I have to re-route the pumpkin, birdhouse gourd and ornamental gourd vines out to the yard.  They seem to really like the tomato plants and threaten to take them hostage on a daily basis.  I'm not sure WHAT on earth I was thinking when I planted these unruly plants -- but I'm pretty sure I will be loving that I did when September and October roll around.

Meanwhile...the basil suffers from a blight, the cilantro has grown 3 feet tall, the green bell peppers -- they are stuck in a miniature state -- and the beans have been eaten by something, and all my best efforts for beautiful rows of neatly planted vegetables have been thwarted.

Next year ... possibly a separate spot for the tomatoes and pepper varieties, herbs, etc.  Then again, I wonder how much cashola all those pumpkins and gourds could bring in?

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