Thursday, July 15, 2010

Monkey Bread

A favorite recipe at The Cottage
is an oldie and goodie

Last week Ryan wrote this on my Facebook wall:  

"heeeeeeyyyy.. remember that one time you made monkey bread?

wanna do that this summer? then eat it all in one night?"

This is Ryan with his super cute girlfriend, Sarah.
I haven't met Sarah yet, but I already like her.  She likes our Ryan.  Sarah has good taste.  She picked a great guy to call hers.

Ryan and our Baby Girl have been friends since high school.
They care a lot about each other.
They never dated.
They are very good friends.
I think they will always be friends.
Ryan came over last night.  We made a double recipe of Monkey Bread.
The second one went home with Ryan.

Today Ryan wrote this on my Facebook page:

"hey cheri thanks for letting me make monkey bread with you! i wish the storms were crazier though. my grandparents love it though, and so did everyone at work! booya"

We did have some crazy loud thunder and bright lightening last night, with a really eerie, yet pretty sky.  

I handed Ryan my camera . . .

I'm glad I did. 

These photos were not edited 

They are straight of camera shots 

They look kind of retro
or maybe like they were shot with 
the Hipstamatic App on the iPhone

That's something else for my wish list
iPhone.  Hipstamatic App included
minus the stinkin' data plan.

Ryan....thanks for hanging out with me --
I am honored.
P.S.  We did NOT eat it all in one night.

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