Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fashion Show

It's standard practice here at The Cottage (still deciding on name)
that when the girls return from shopping (not including mom) 
they exhibit their new acquisitions and in most cases 
produce a fashion show of sorts.

Baby Girl and her BF Kate shopped
 like it was their job this week 
and scored some awesome sales and deals.

Jeans, cardigans, undergarments, earrings 



My girls LOVE their shoes.
They get that from their Grandma.


  1. I like creeper Nate in the backgroud. And yes, your girls love shoes, going shopping with Cara is a bit like torture when we enter the shoe section...but I still love her!

  2. Danae struggles in the big Shoe picture. hahahaha.

  3. I totally understand the shoe thing. Sometimes I think I have a disorder.

  4. Some would define shoes as protection for your feet -- but I'm sure Cara / Danae and many others would define shoes as "fashion for the feet" :)

  5. Our girlies love to do this too... I kinda feel bad for my poor husband as he is usually the audience... whether he likes it or not... poor father's of girls...


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