Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chick update

"Chick"  . . . as in Poultry.

Rosie -- the oldest hen in our pen (rhyme intended) has been a part of my flock from the beginning.  I've always been partial to her -- she has a sweet disposition and is the most tame of all the hens.  When we brought Rosie home she was a teenage hen -- with strong maternal instincts.

The same day we got Rosie, we also got 3 other smaller chicks.  Rosie immediately took to caring for and protecting them as if she had hatched them herself.  Truth was ... she had never seen them before we combined the 4 chicks.

 Rosie just took over -- and the younger chicks responded.

Remember these little guys?
We got them back in April
You can refresh your memory here.

We started with three chicks.
Then this happened.

Fortunately I was able to replace the little Black Star with another Red Star.
After a rocky first day -- (henpecked and pecking orders are real), a little first-aid, and some isolation, the second Red Star was again introduced (carefully) to the flock.

I'm happy to report she is now a full-fledged, 
and accepted member of the coop club.

They "grow up" and change so fast!

 Current members of the Coop Club:

and the elite egg laying members:

Young hens don't start laying until they are around 5 or 6 months old.  Mine have a ways to go before they can join the elite.

I'm sure you'd like to know:
Typically I collect 2-3 eggs per day from the three who are laying.


  1. I enjoyed hearing about your chickens/hens. I also remember when you first got them, thinking it was pretty cool how the "teenager" took over with those little ones. Has Nate learned how to put them "to sleep" yet? We used to do that to my gramdma's chickens...she never knew. Sounds like something that he would do :) ps... do you ever have to buy eggs anymore?

  2. WHEW!! I thought you were going to say that Rosie was no more. It was a happy story instead. If you have extra eggs bring them along! nom nom... I am so looking forward to having some fun Friday night! Could you PLALESSE take some good pictures of my husband and I and my family all dressed up? I will pay you!

  3. FALSE. Danae and I tried going out there one time to collect eggs and Rosie was the meanest one of the bunch! Of course, you know the chickens much better than we do.. but I'm just sayin, she isn't to partial to guests!

  4. Thanks for the biddy update -- the biddies make great eggs -- NOM.

    I think it's time to have a chicken / chicken hawk show down -- let them out of the pen!!


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