Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Not a kitty tail -- 
A Cattail.
That brown stick that grows in marshes -- 

Every time I see cattails growing, I have a strong urge to pick a handful.  
As kids we used to pick cattails so we could light the brown portion which burns like a punk, then walk around the neighborhood feeling so cool.  Go figure, we walked around carrying a burning plant.

Cattails have a slowly-burning flame, which really isn't a flame at all.  The smoke that results from burning -- drives insects away.  Including the Minnesota state bird -- mosquito.

Cattails are also edible and have lots of other uses.
I think I'll stick to picking rhubarb and just use the cattails I pick this summer for burning...
and walking around the neighborhood looking cool while I blow on the tip of the burning cattail/punk.

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  1. I have fond memories of drying and burning cattails -- especially when lighting fireworks with them :)


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