Saturday, July 10, 2010

An Annabelle Hydrangea greets visitors at the front door of our cottage. 
It is by far my favorite plant at the cottage - and I only have one plant.

I'm working on DIY Guy to let me plant these beauties across the entire front of the cottage

instead of only at the door

so far, he's not too hip on the idea
I think he needs some more encouragement

Today I found this awesome idea for displaying cut Annabelle's here 
at A Soft Place to Land

In a quick trip to the attic (it is 200 degrees up there) I snagged my box of canning jars

and after running around our yard with Nate catching fireflies in a jar, I cut some Annabelle's and went to work creating this happy spot on our table!  My coffee will taste so much better here tomorrow morning!

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