Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore . . .

Another storm rolled through SE Minnesota last night.  This time we were victims of the wind.  That giant golf ball in the photo below is where our trampoline usually sits.

This is where we found it today

The trampoline set sail last night, landing 50 feet from it's original location

 lodging in a bank of pine and spruce trees and surprisingly incurred no damage.

The only other victim of the wind was our huge cottonwood tree on the corner of our lot.

Only a large limb down there.  Taking our walk today, we realized we had very little damage in comparison to some of our neighbors!  We saw HUGE trees down, decks wiped out by fallen trees, sheds crushed, huge spruce trees uprooted, debris everywhere.

Next up....a hidden treasure in our neighborhood!


  1. Good thing the trampoline didn't land on the chicken coop or in the pool or smash into your house...

  2. Yikes! Is the trampoline still usable? Or is it all bent up?

  3. I think the trampoline will spring back to life ... :)

  4. Anonymous10:50 PM CDT

    I am hoping for bright sunny warm days and huge storms at night when we're up there....Nate and I will love a storm with lots of danger! Great pictures!


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