Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

We took the kids out to the ballgame last week.
Mike's ballgame -- in Stewartville.
First stop:  The Pizza Ranch -- because Baby Girl loves her some Pizza Ranch Boofay (trans. buffet), especially the cactus bread.  I'm pretty sure she goes just for the unlimited supply of cactus bread.

After we finished at the feeding trough, we headed to the ball field. 
Mr. & Mrs. DeBolt joined us at the game too.

Mouseover Alert:  See if Mike was safe...

Sometimes baseball games move along a tad bit slowly.  However, when you go with the "kids" there is never a dull moment.

Ryan borrowed my camera for some photo shoots . . .

Susie worked on her sunflower shell spitting distance.  (sunflower circled)

Baby Girl and Ryan had some fun with Heidi's new magnet balls - 

Then it got dark.
So Ryan took pictures of the moon.

Then the game went into overtime.  

Then Mike caused some controversy when he ran into the catcher coming into home -- and suddenly everyone was interested in the game again.


  1. such a fun time! and so much excitement at the end thanks to mike! :D

  2. Fun blog... Mike was definatly safe... loved the pic of the kids up at the fence...and the moon shot was pretty cool.

  3. that was a howling good time... the only thing that would have been better -- Mike losing his cookies between first & second thanks to the buffet prior to game -- mwa ha hahahaha

    ok, that was something we talked about at the Ranch that would have been 'funny' -- but not sure it would have been 'that' funny ;)

  4. Oh no kirk, it would have been hilarious! Just thought of an even better situation.. what if I would have "lost my cookies" on the catcher right after i plowed him over! haha

  5. i hope the guy in the scary green trench coat and sunglasses isn't still there ;)

    He was freakin me out!


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