Friday, June 25, 2010


Sooooo, lately DIY Guy has been giving me some blog post ideas.

As the thunder cracks and rumbles and lightening flashes like strobe lights through my windows, I am reminded of DIY Guy's first blog suggestion.

Suggestion #1
"You should do a follow-up on the Dark & Stormy Night post."

Follow-up because that stormy night a week ago, turned out a tornado that touched down just blocks from the cottage.  The F-1 twister did some serious damage to homes, trees,  even Menards took a pretty heavy hit.

The map below shows our home in the upper left corner.  The tornado path is where the oval is.
We were watching the TV for weather information -- then the cable went out.  So we just hung out -- clueless to the storm ... and the tornado.  Normally the tornado sirens would go off -- but this time they didn't.

The sirens malfunctioned.  A computer software issue - that has since been repaired.
Nobody was hurt in the Rochester tornado, which is nothing short of amazing since nobody knew to take cover.  

As a teenager I watched a tornado touch down and run along the ground in a corn field as I rode in a car parallel to the twister.  It was an eerie sight.   I've also been safely tucked in while tornadoes have run their course a few times.  I've been in winds so strong as a kid I thought I was going to be lifted off the ground if I jumped.  I still remember the feeling -- a little bit fun, a little frightening.  How about you?  Do you have a tornado story?


  1. When I was about 4, a big old storm took my tricycle out from under me and blew it across the field like no-body's business. Dad scooped me up and headed for the house. I dont remember seeing a tornado, but it was something pretty strong. Cant remember if we ever found the trike.

  2. When I think of tornados I think of 1/2 the neighboors on Chesapeak all out watching for them insted of inside taking cover!!! Also, once I was pretty young and with my grandparents and aunt Susan driving to Austin and sirens where going off. We stopped at a McDonalds somewhere on the road and took cover in there, the rain was too heavy to drive in! Scary!

  3. Gotta love WEATHER posts -- I think the weather gene is catchy :)


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