Thursday, May 13, 2010


I realize all of you sweet readers aren't quite as .... well....seasoned as I am.  What I mean is, some of you weren't even born when I was burning one of these cool candles in the 70's.
Now don't be jealous --- but I have one of these . . .

However, if you were born to hippie parents, or were wannabe hippies like me -- you have seen these beauties.  Chianti drip candles.  Back in the day, before candles were dripless or specially made to drip, this effect would sometimes happen when ordinary taper candles would drip a little bit, and over time the wax drips would build up and create a cool effect.  Now you have to buy special drip candles -- because all the candles are dripless!

These Chianti drip candles were commonly seen in restaurants where Chianti bottles (wine bottles with wicker on them) would be used as candle holders on the tables.  In the psychedelic 60's and groovy 70's the hippie culture discovered the visual trip of watching the colors and movements of drip candles melting.

I like my drip candle for it's artistic, relaxing, and retro appeal.  I'm not (and never have been) into "tripping".  My drip tapers happen to be white -- but some places (we used to call them head shops) sold different color candles ... sometimes square tapers that had a really cool effect as they dripped (and turned into spires).  Personally, I like the plain white taper -- and I can buy them at Hobby Lobby!  The Chianti bottle....I found at a garage sale -- but they do still sell them ... beverage included.

A few things to note:
1.  I never was a hippie -- but I admit to liking their cool clothes.
2.  Back in the day -- music (as in albums and 45's) were bought at "record stores" and some record stores were also headshops.  I have great memories of grabbing the latest albums by my faves from the store’s overstuffed wooden racks and gleefully carrying them home sans bags! 

Thanks to my sista, Dee dee.... for helping me remember the name of our favorite head shop record store.  Hegewisch.

Thank you and good night.


  1. You know mom, someday I will have to take you to MY favorite headshop in the cities! Electric Fetus. You'd probably really like it for the nostalgia. They even have a HUGE vinyl section, over half the store!! And that candle is AWESOME. i will have one in my house someday.

  2. How could I give this anything but a 'Cool' reaction on the "Reaction" section :)

    Vinyl - that stuff is old -- I just heard this morning on the radio how some Albums I actually owned could be worth over $100 -- but my wife sold them in a garage sale hahahahaha -- cry ;)

  3. I still have mu old box of 45's...lots of them. And I've seen your hippie candle...very cool, dude

  4. I really want to buy one of these for my dad. Do you know where I could find one already made?

    1. Emma ... I don't know anywhere that sells these, but you can easily make one. Get the drip candles at Hobby Lobby. Might find the Chianti bottles at a thrift store, or purchase at a liquor store. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM CDT

    Hi Cheri,
    Nice post! I included your candle and a link to your post on my blog,, as I was writing about the Italian fiasco bottle. I always had one of the chianti candles in my room in college and then in my first apartment, but haven't had one in many years. Like you, my husband and I are nearly empty nesters and our dream come true is spending as much time in Italy as possible.
    Glad to see you still have a wax laden fiasco after all these years!

  6. If you have an ALDI grocery nearby, look for the Chianti bottles, which are sole there occasionally (in the wicker basket!). The wine is good, too. Anyone know how to make a multi-colored, dripping candle?

  7. I came across your blog through the picture posted on Pinterest. We can buy Chianti bottles here (filled with Chianti!) but I'm not sure that I will be going back to multi coloured candles which I first discovered in Germany in the 60s. They were all the rage. Kept mine for years until the de clutter mother decided enough was enough!!

  8. Anonymous11:59 PM CDT

    I remember my mother doing this with crayons.

  9. Anonymous3:50 PM CDT

    how can you get the wax to stay and not break off


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