Monday, May 03, 2010

mowin' and another item off the list

It takes a village to mow our 2.5 acres.  
Maybe not a village, but two of us.
Ok, not really.  DIY Guy can handle it just fine without me.

But I wanted to be a supportive wife - and keep him company while he mowed.

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Don't worry, he didn't mow with the push mower.  I actually -- I used the push mower and mowed around all most some of the trees, while DIY Guy rode the zero turn.
I like watching him start the mower.

After DIY Guy mowed the acreage while sitting down, he mowed over the rows of unmulched grass to "bag it". The bagged grass clippings are used for the garden, and around the rhubarb.

I had a very important role while DIY Guy bagged the grass ---

I rode the 4-wheeler pulling the wagon -- making sure DIY Guy didn't have to walk very far to empty the bag of grass.  It was a tough job -- but somebody had to do it.

After the last of the grass was emptied in the garden -- by me.  DIY Guy booted me off my new favorite yard toy 

and got some time on the wheels -- before I put him back to work on the counter!

The item off my "list" --- learning to ride the 4-wheeler!  I've been holding out. sacrificing.
being the martyr.  I didn't want to interfere with the kids and DIY Guy having fun.  But it was time.  So I got my lesson -- and now I'm hooked!


  1. and Learning to drive the ATV... priceless :)

  2. tis fun isn't it?! and i'm sad i wasn't there for your first time on the 4-wheeler! :)


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