Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'll take these

You can keep the roses  . . .

I'll take a bouquet of lilacs please.

and I will hope that DIY Guy doesn't start to sneeze 

If he does, out they go . . .  to the front porch.  Or to work.

For now I'll enjoy the fresh smell.  Only the fresh, actual lilac aromas though.
No perfumy, man made lilac scents - they are headache makers.


  1. I Love Lilac and have always got to enjoy the neighbors. If I had a lilac tree I would have bouquets in every room of the house. Hope Kirk doesnt sneeze :)

  2. I love that smell, in fact I sniffed the neighboors lilacs today.

  3. No sneezing yet -- could be all the sawdust is masking it ;)


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