Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First swim

Gabby was pretty excited last night when we headed out to the pool and went through the  opening process

 and it IS a process . . . of loosening all the springs

a task that DIY Guy was happy to hand off to a younger back
(with a skinned shin from roller blading)

Baby Girl followed her BF removing all the rubber spring covers

Gabby paced around the pool watching and monitoring the process -- 

making sure SHE was the first one in the pool - as usual.

Green is just a color to Gabby -- it means nothing. The cold water -- no problem, she swims with a coat on anyway.

A sprinkling of chemicals 

Then the next day... voilà! 
A little bit blue -- and little bit clearer

So tonight we vacuum the debris on the bottom of the pool --- and run, run, run the filter system.

 And if you are Gabby -- you take another dip in the pool --- 
 -- Roll your mouse over the photo for the lame jump in

I'm sure Gabby will do another water/pool test tomorrow

It's what she does.
and we are OK with that.


  1. Lookin' good! It was 78 today - nearly swimming weather.

  2. hahahaha, nice leg, mike. LA-WHO-SA-HER!! hahaha. ;-)

    the new liner looks great!

  3. Nice pool opening pics -- I like the Gabby mouse over -- the water was 52 -- that's Lake Michigan temps in May for those of you who've been there.... Brrrrrrr.


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