Saturday, May 29, 2010

Doing the right thing

 Found - Power Tool in Rochester. 

Must identify the power tool (type / model, etc) and where & how you may have lost it. 
I will not respond unless you give me some details (brand and type of tool minimum) -- don't bother fishing for info.

On his way to play drums at church last Sunday morning DIY Guy found this snazzy drill in the middle of the intersection near our home.  Seeing several drivers nearly hit it, he stopped and picked it up before the drill met it's demise.

It's a pretty sweet drill and DIY Guy was slightly captivated by his find.  However, as those of you who know my DIY Guy --- it is not in his DNA to keep something that doesn't belong to him --- he was compelled to search for the owner of the missing drill.  After all, a sweet find isn't so sweet if you know someone is missing something important to them.  

The man I married is a man of character I'll tell ya.  He decided his first attempt to locate the owner of the drill would be to post it as a “found” item on  His cleverly written "found note" on craig’s list required readers (and potential liars) to identify the location the item was lost, the color, brand, and identify the specific item.

Shortly after DIY Guy posted his note on the website, he had 4 responses.  The first 3 responses were frauds.  Sometime later the same day, a guy named Aaron went to Craigs list to post a “lost” note.  Aaron had lost his drill and was hoping that someone would admit to finding it and contact him.  Can you imagine Aaron’s surprise, shock, amazement and disbelief when he saw DIY Guy’s “found” on the lost and found page?

Aaron responded.  He confidently identified the location he thought the drill was lost (as well as giving a time frame lost) – and also provided specifics about the power tool.  Aaron was pretty sure the tool had fallen from the back of his pick-up truck – when the tailgate malfunctioned. DIY Guy knew there was no doubt Aaron was the rightful owner of the drill.

DIY Guy arranged a time for Aaron to come for his drill.

The joy of returning the drill to Aaron was incomparable -- 


Aaron -- you are a great guy!  It was so fun to meet you -- and share the joy.  As Kirk said, "it's so fun when someone is grateful and responds like you would in a situation like this."

Those of you in SE Minnesota -- if you are considering a DirecTV purchase or installation, or need service -- give Aaron a jingle at 612-743-8156 or you can email him at  


  1. awesome!! that's really cool that worked out. glad BOTH my parents are people of such character. i have learned a lot from both of you!

  2. what an awesome story!

  3. Walking the talk! :)

  4. Cool story! Love the picture at the end, haha.


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