Sunday, May 23, 2010


Wait.  What?  It's Sunday?  I haven't written since when?  Tuesday?  Whoa.
It's been a week...a very crazy, unsettling, busy, exhausting week.

So much has happened -- and changed -- 

I'll tell you all about it later - 
But now I must go collect eggs -- 

and ponder the existence of good companies to work for -- and good management.


  1. Heard of Carlos Whitaker? He's hiring a personal assistant. This made me think of you. He asks the question at the end "Who was your best boss and why"

    Since I'm such a church culture groupie, I think this would be so cool.

  2. I could hire you as my life manager.. just kind of follow me around and make sure i don't do anything stupid.. and stay on task.

    It would be fun! And I'd pay you in hugs :)

  3. you'd make a good wife -- oh wait -- been there / done that...

  4. haha, STILL absent.... it's now WEDNESDAY, and still nothing new... ;-)


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