Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A work in progress

Slowly, ever so slowly, I'm putting items back in the house -- from the garage.
I'm being very careful...and sometimes items come in - and go out quickly.

What I'm sayin' is ... don't get too attached to the look you see in these pictures -
It has already been changed.  Except for the paint --- I kept the orange!

and the mantle -- it's a work in progress too -- and getting closer to my plan . . .

and yes, this is a tad bit different now too --- I'm working on painting a black tray white - to add to the "mantlescape".  
More later.

DIY Guy cut through the wall tonight!  And we brought up the wood counter he made to "see how it will look" --- and let me just say this --- WOW.  


  1. ahhhh!!!!!! seriously cannot WAIT! :D

    i seriously think the breakfast bar is one of the things i miss MOST about our chesapeake house!

  2. Orange -- it's the new blue.

    Do we need to be Denver Bronco fans now too??


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