Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take a minute

enjoy a peaceful moment . . .


  1. NIce lightning captures. It's POURING in winona. Tons of lightning and thunder too.

    First good one for us. and it's about time.

    Word Verification:


    ((how ironic.))

  2. Was looking forward to a good storm...but it totally missed us...everything moved to the west and east of us like we were in a crazy little bubble. But right now it smells like Florida out that.

  3. Got some cool shots of lightning, and I loved the sound of thunder. Thanks for sharing...loved it

  4. P.S. It's funny that Karen said it smelled like Florida...that's exactley what Brianna said to me at about 10:00 tonight...It did smell like Florida

  5. Smells like a Spring Rain (I need to spend more time in FL?)

    It was nice to hear a storm again (and not be adversely impacted)... gotta love the midwest.

  6. It's true. I walked outside last night and said, "hmm..I smell Floriday" Very nice Cheri, I like the lightening.


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