Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The reveal

DIY Guy spent last week out of town visiting his family in St. Louis.
I stayed home - I had to work.  DIY Guy has waaaay more vacation days than I do -- and he has earned them over the 29 years he has spent at the Fortune 500 company.

With DIY Guy out of the house -- my friend Jo Lynn and I put our ideas and paint chips together and began creating a new look for our lower level TV room.  We enlisted the help of her DIY Guy for some critical jobs --- like hanging pictures (there were lots of them) and moving some big pieces of furniture (it was heavy).  Baby Girl's BF, Mike came over to lend his muscles to the furniture lifting too. 

Everything but the treadmill, TV and sofa was removed from the tv room. 

Friday night I painted from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  Then put in a couple hours Saturday morning with the paint.  On Sunday -- Jo Lynn and I put the room together.

It was SO much fun seeing our planning come together in the room.  The photo over the fireplace isn't really there yet, I've ordered it and expect it this week, but the one you see is edited in so you could get the idea of what's going there.  The 4x6 photo is actually sitting on the mantle.

Basement windows are such a challenge.  ugh.  This works pretty good though.
Baby Girl thinks I should update their senior pictures with more recent ones.  I'm not sold on the idea yet.

THIS is my favorite part of the whole project .  .  .

Framed LP covers (we removed the vinyl first) from DIY Guy's collection -- particularly his Chicago collection of LPs

Chicago is one of DIY Guys favorite groups -- and we both grew up in the Chicago area.
There's a connection.

The walls are a shade of blue.  I don't even like the color blue.  But it works in this room, with the brown leather sofas.  Or davenports.  Davenports....I can still hear my grandma calling our "couch" a davenport.

I framed the "Doors of Europe" poster that our boy gave me on my birthday --- love it.

I think the doors on the poster are a repeated design in the poster of the kids over the fireplace.  A theme of sorts.  Another connection.

I absolutely love that I am using photos I've taken and the door poster from our boy, and the Chicago LP covers.

I have a garage FULL of STUFF.  Furniture, rugs, decor items -- I'm going to have a sale as soon as I sort through it all.  You all will be invited!  There's some good stuff out there and it needs to go before I try to bring it back in the house!
I'll keep you posted.
And maybe, I'll do some "give aways" here on my blog!  Just the good stuff though.


  1. Looks awesome, Ma. I like the album covers especially.

    And I am in need of some "stuff" for my place, I will gladly go through it! ;)

    Very cool to see it done!

  2. Very nice Cheri, It looks marvalous! Love all the pictures and the album covers...great idea

  3. Was I even sitting on the Davenport or did you photoshop me in there too??? :)

    Isn't there a story about classic albums being given away and then recovered?? ;)

  4. Ohhh I like what you did with the basement windows - very creative!

  5. I love what you did with the basement windows - that would be a great place to do herbs or something! Very creative!

  6. Yes, my dear DIY Guy there is a "story" about recovered classic albums -- but that is for another day. :)

  7. Awesome and cozy Cheri!

  8. Anonymous6:47 PM CDT

    Very nice, looks very relaxing. Great deal of weekend work, Cheri. Nice you had some help from your friends.

  9. Looks great (of course!)

  10. trying to get my little picture to come up - sorry for making your blog the guinea pig

  11. I love that you used all your own pics and Nate's poster too, how cool! The room looks so simplified and clean, I love it! My Grandma says davenport.


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