Sunday, April 18, 2010

new around these parts....

Today I added a few feathered friends to our flock . . .

These are Red Star chicks . . .

When they grow up they will look like this . . .

These are Black Star chicks . . .

When they grow up they will look like this . . .

They will start to lay large brown eggs when they are 22 weeks old.  That means I should be getting eggs from these 3 by September 17th!

The Red Star and Black Star chickens are VERY good, and VERY consistent layers.

I need some good layers that earn their keep

and I'm counting on these three to be the "stars"

unlike the two slacker hens below --

They took a trip to Craig's chicken coop today and will stay there -- 
or maybe they will take a trip up north to Craig's dad's farm -- 
where they can free range and retire -- with no pressure to produce eggs.

And as soon as I figure out who the "egg eater" is and the other non-layer . . .

that hen will then join the other two at the retirement home.

Meanwhile --- I'm lovin' having baby chicks peeping in the garage again!
You should come see them!  But don't wait too long -- they don't stay cute for very long!


  1. cute little chicks. I like the black ones...I shall need to come see them, soon :)

  2. so cute...I would love to bring the kids up to see them...and pick your brain a little on the whole raising chickens thing. the kids seem to think we are getting chickens this summer. I'll look at my calendar and drop you an email!

  3. Goodbye Georgia and Domino... I guess we have to say goodbye to the Georgia-Gabby fights... Oh well.

  4. oh my so adorable. All that fuzzy hair makes me want to snuggle with them!

  5. Can you say Chicken noodle Soup?

    Time to let them debug the yard...


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