Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Prayer

Our church and many others in our community are reeling today after learning that a dear friend and sweet lady has unexpectedly died. Jean had surgery on Friday, and was getting up to take that first walk after surgery late yesterday afternoon when a blood clot raced to her heart and took her life.

I can't imagine the pain Jean's husband, David is feeling, or her daughters. Both of our girls expressed their grief for their girls with empathy by saying. . . "I couldn't imagine not having you in my life".

Jean and David's older girls were students in the youth group when DIY Guy and I volunteered with youth. Later, when I was on staff as the director of student ministries, the two younger girls joined us -- growing up with our kids in church. This family has endured more than their share of life's struggles, yet always have had a "can do" attitude and leaned on God through it all.

At times like this, there is always the prayer part. Where we all say we are praying for the family -- and we are. We are praying for David, for the girls, for the grandbabies, for the other family members who are grieving. God is in control and I know he doesn't need us telling him how to take care of things -- but we need to connect with our God, like we connect with each other in these times.

Today I pray for David, Amber, Karrin, Samantha, Danielle and Brianna. I hold them and every child who has lost their mom and every husband or wife who has lost their life partner in my heart.

And I give thanks for every day I have with the people I love, because life is obviously a very fragile thing.

Jean was a rare diamond in todays world - the most precious of human beings. So full of God's love, acceptance, encouragement, kindness, fun, intelligent, gifted people I have ever known and I know without a doubt, because of her strong faith she is in the presence of Jesus today.

(written on Jean's Facebook page)


  1. What a beautiful tribute to this friend of yours Cheri. Sounds like a wonderful woman and will be missed by many. I will certainly pray for the peace that passes all understanding that only Jesus can give to Jean's family and friend's.

  2. Such sweet words and a cute pic of Jean and David.

  3. Cheri, you captured Jeanie's essence beautifully. She will definitely be missed.

  4. Very Very sad indeed. May God embrace the Barck clan during this time.


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