Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving on to the Kitchen

I'm still at it --- painting that is.
This time, I've moved upstairs -- giving the kitchen a splash of color!

The "before" is white Formica - you heard me - on the wall - OVER beautiful knotty-pine.  I'm not a fan of Formica on my kitchen walls, even if it IS practical.  Practical is not always pretty.   

It was time to take action -- and since the time wasn't right to rip the Formica off the wall, I took an easier approach.  I painted the Formica -- yes m'aam, I did.  The entire project was done in an evening.  
Roll your mouse over the picture below to see the before photo of the kitchen.  

Sherwin Williams Color #6348 Reynard.

There's still a bit of tweaking needed in the kitchen ....but it's coming along.
Tomorrow....more color!

It's starting to look like a new place around here!


  1. Love the color Cheri, it looks very "warm"

  2. That mouse over is cool... nice feature...

    I like the color too -- I just hope the changes stop before husband hair color, husband hair -- you know, that type of thing -- ;)

  3. It looks like it matches the wood. Nothing stays the same color for long in your house!


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