Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Course completed

Tonight DIY Guy and I graduated from Financial Peace University!!

Can you graduate from a course you teach?

In this case, yes you can! 

 The course lasted 13 weeks
during those weeks MANY classmates
reduced debt
paid off credit cards --- 
then cut them up!
Completed Baby Step #1:  Saving $1000 for an emergency fund
and Baby Step #2:  Debt Snowball
Baby Step #3:  Saving 3-6 months living expenses

We learned about saving for college, buying and selling real estate, investing, insurance, paying off debt, saving for retirement, how to get the best deals, budgeting, avoiding debt and home loans.

We learned
 to "live like no one else
so we can LIVE like no one else.

We learned that we don't want to be "normal"
because "normal" means living with debt.

and our final class tonight was on giving
In my opinion, the best class of all.
A fresh, new, inspiring approach to giving.
Giving ... like no one else.


  1. Kirk's faces in both of his pictures are classic!! haha

  2. when's the summer session with Professor Dietzman start?? :)

  3. hahahhaa, nice faces dad.

  4. I was playing to the camera? how does that sound...

    or I just have an animated face... yea, that's it.

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM CDT

    From what I heard, the camera should have caught Kirk's face when the surprise guest made her entrance! Sorry Kirk!!


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