Sunday, March 14, 2010

A wonderful week

Winona State spring break began 9 days ago for Baby Girl and our Boy -- and me!  
Being the smart children they are the kids asked me to join them for their spring break trip to Cincinnati to visit their older sister, a.k.a Wild One.  They knew if mama came along, she would pick up the tab for gas, food, and fun.   I didn't disappoint.

Spring break began with an Aaron Shust concert in Rochester.  Aaron is a very humble, likable and gifted Christian music artist.  To hear his music, click on his name above.  
Just so happens that my sister and our two girls KNOW Aaron!  They have spent a week at camp with him -- and/or a weekend retreat where he lead worship.

If Aaron comes to your town --- go hear/see him.  You won't regret it.

The day after the concert, the spring break kids and I left for Cincinnati at dumb-thirty in the morning.  We had a fabulous week seeing the Cincinnati sights and enjoying each other's company.

We got a taste of spring with sunshine filled-warm days --

Inside the Krohn Conservatory it was very tropical!

this plant had "webbed" stems

Bird of Paradise blooming

Giant cacti

We returned to Rochester on Thursday evening -- hitting the ground running with jobs to get back to, people to see, and laundry to do.

The kids are back in Winona. 
Wild One has started her new (day) job in the PACU (recovery room).
DIY Guy and I spent the day alone -- cleaning the garage
and the chicken coop.

I think I need to go back to work to rest from the past 9 (wonderful) days!


  1. Awesome new blog layout, mom! i like it.

  2. It was a pleasure having you all!!!! and I LOVE the new layout!!!!

  3. I like the layout too -- I recognize that pic at the top -- Dickson Valley :)

    Nice post -- I like the first pic of the kids in the conservatory.

  4. Love the new blog look and the pictures!

  5. What a great spring break, it was good that you were able to get the time off also. I would have to plan that a year ahead, oh the joys of being a hospital employee. Loved the pics and really like your new layout !


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