Sunday, March 28, 2010

We write notes

We write each other notes.

Thank you notes  -  on the chalkboard.

and requests

Do you write notes?


  1. I used to...and wish I could get back into the habit/practice of writing more...esp to my kiddos and the husband...and my friends...and.....

    thanks for the reminder of the power of a simple note.

  2. Gotta love it! He appreciates you for many things, such a good mamma

  3. i used to write notes more often before texting was invented!

  4. Writing notes -- does commenting on blogs count??

    Mostly I write notes to myself to not forget ... now where is that note I wrote so I wouldn't forget...

    I like to receive notes -- but funny how we don't tend to write as much as we used to... ahh technology.


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