Monday, March 15, 2010

Oscar Party Creepin'

Do you ever watch the Oscars and think about what it would be like to dress up and attend the Oscars or one of the many swanky parties?

The kids and I were in Cincinnati for the Oscars.  On our way out of the TJMaxx store Sunday evening, we checked out an Oscar Party going on at the Hilton Carew Tower Arcade.  Turns out it wasn't just any Oscar Party.  This party was named one of USAToday's "Top Ten Places to see The Oscars".  You can read more about it here.

It was quite the event.  This Gala pulled out all the stops including movie characters, themed 50's cocktails, and plenty of prizes to bid on. Guests entered the party via the red carpet and were served cocktails and appetizers by roaming waiters.  Cat woman cracked us up each time she randomly walked to a place in the room and struck a pose. 

Oscar himself was also present at the party in his honor.  In fact there were two life-size Oscars at this party.  The arrows below point to Oscar, a character (from Godzilla?), a cameo film reel projected on the floor, and cat woman by the pinball machine.

But back to Oscar.

Remember, I said he was a "life size" Oscar . . .

Very life-size.  Yes, an adult male, painted gold,
standing in a room full of people -- dressed only in his briefs.
and his gold paint.

These women had no problem with getting a close-up look.  It was quite comical watching the reactions of different people taking a look at Oscar.  

This is a fundraiser gala -- anyone can attend.  I read two different prices for the event $20 and $50.  Twenty would be an amazing bargain for a gourmet meal, appetizers, drinks, dancing and of course the fun of dressing up.  

Anyone planning a trip to Cincy next March... say around Oscar time?


  1. A couple of corrections on your post:

    The projections on the floor were of UFO's

    And the Woman character holding the Gorilla stuffed animal is supposed to be from King Kong. It's a little joke since she is the one carrying around the Monkey, when in the movie it's the other way around.

    It was really cool to see!

  2. What's again -- Cincy is an interesting place... and as my good friend would say "Who knew??"

    I liked the huge poster on the wall of the classic movie "Attack of the 50 foot Woman!" :)


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