Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not productive

Ever have those days when you don't feel very productive?  I've had days, weeks and months of feeling that way.  It's hard to be productive in the evening after a full day of work outside the home.

Winter does not help my productive-ness.  But give me some warmer, sunnier days and daylight when I get home from work -- and I get my productive groove back on.   

Which is more than I can say for these lazy biddies --- they are seriously slackin' with only one or two eggs per day --- 

Pearl here is the exception -- she's been faithfully laying an egg per day.
She gets to stay.
The others I'm not so sure about.


  1. It'll be near 70 degrees by next weekend, heck you might as well fill the pool..whoop

  2. hahahaha i love that you called the chickens "biddies."

    And i agree with Jackie on the pool idea!!

  3. Love the biddy update.

    I like chicken soup, chicken & noodles, fried chicken, ... :)

  4. let's cook some chicken!

  5. Here, chicky chicky chicky....

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM CDT

    Mom would have loved your chickens! Maybe take them to the taxidermist?? Ha ha!

  7. Sandy...I think how mom would have loved them just about every time I go out to feed them and especially when I take pics of chicks or let then out in the yard.


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