Sunday, March 21, 2010

Naughty dog

Our amazon Yorkshire Terrier, Gabby is usually a well-behaved dog -- but she does have her moments of naughty=ness.

For instance yesterday morning --

DIY Guy called me downstairs (I was in the middle of my morning beautification project) to see "something".

What I saw was a naughty dog -- masquerading as a cat -- obviously thinking it is "ok" to jump up on furniture to see out the window.  (do dogs think?)

Gabby, Gabalicioius, Gabster, Gabbydog, Gabadab, Gabbers, Gab....
This is not OK.

Maybe I should do some furniture re-arranging.  (as if I need a reason).


  1. hahaha the last picture is awesome!

    And I was thinking that Gabby needs her own picture and name on the right panel of you blog, where you have the rest of the family listed. I mean, she IS part of the family

  2. The last picture was taken the first day we had a digital camera by Nate -- which obviously means -- take a ton of photos -- cause you can just delete them, right?? This was / is a classic :)

    And as for Gabby -- I think it's mainly an instinct thing -- thinking she is about squirrels!

  3. hahaha, yes, when i took that photo, i couldn't stop laughing. it was so perfect. i remember where it was taken too, on the stairs going upstairs at our chesapeake house.

    But i'm not at all surprised she was sitting on that dresser. she used to sit on another table you had in that spot a year or so ago.

    Oh yea, and you forgot to include the nickname, "Gabbatha" :-)


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