Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's sorta weird

For several months now when my mind drifts to the many things it likes to think about when it doesn't have anything specific to think about -- I seem to have these recurring thoughts.  Thoughts about this blog.

Not really about the blog itself -- but about you, my readers, my invisible friends, the people who learn more and more about me and my family all the time -- and I have no idea who you are!  

Ok, so I know several of you. And I'm related to some of you.  And I'm actually real-life friends with many of you.  However, there are still many people reading this blog that I've never met, living in cities I've never been to.

Sometimes when I think about my blog friends (you, my readers) that I don't know, I'm astonished, amazed, and curious as to what is so interesting that brings between 40 and 70 of you back to this crazy blog day after day.  Don't get me wrong -- I love that you are out there reading.

Knowing that you come back to read day after day makes me want to give you something like other blog writers do -- like a camera -- or cookware -- or an all expenses paid visit to my ranch, er, uh, Cottage.

For cryin' out loud -- you've met our kids

and their significant others (where applicable)

You know some of things we like to do . . . and read.

You know how we spend Easter weekend . . .

and that we have weird kids

who have fun with their (weird) friends

and are proud of their weirdness.

You've endured our vacation pictures

and my tears

and celebrations.

I guess what I want to say is
Thank you.

Thanks for coming back over and over again
and sticking with me through it all

If I've never met you, know that I would like to.
and that if I had the cash -- I'd have give-aways
because by gum, you deserve them!


  1. Cheri -

    The blog is looking great!

  2. I'm pretty new to your blog. I first noticed your blog because I'm a fellow southern Minnesotan. I come back because your pictures are beautiful and the personality you show through your writing makes me smile. Keep up the great work!!!

  3. Very nice pics -- thanks for sharing -- the pic of the pool really made me want to have Summer come soon :)

  4. love you and your blog!! XOXO

  5. Reader...friend....neighbor! I love you, your family, all of them and YOU !

  6. Hello Cheri, I am a secret reader. You have never met me but I greatly enjoy reading your blog. Your daughter Cara seems like a perfect friend for me! heeheehehehehe. Love ya! Love the pics too.


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