Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House on the corner

As Cara drove us through the Hyde Park area of Cincinnati one afternoon, she casually said, "look at that house over there".

She had seen it many times.  As the rest of us tried to take in and process what we had just seen, Wild One just kept driving down the street.

This, the Mushroom House ...or  Tree House is in the Hyde Park section of Cincinnati, OH. 

It was designed by architect Terry Brown, a professor of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati. 

The building was created with the assistance of university students. In 2006, it was announced that the house was for sale.

Rumors report the house was for sale for $400,000
A risky investment if you ask me.

It does get high marks for creativity 

Would you buy it?


  1. Creativity is OFF THE CHARTS!!

    Where my mind went is how to maintain something like this -- lots of custom work here -- example -- where would you get a window shaped like the one in the mushroom if it broke??

    I suppose if you can afford the 400$K price tag -- you can afford to have a custom window / part made.

    Love the creativity of it... not sure I'd want to 'live next door to it' ;)

  2. Think about how awesome their halloween decorations could be! OR everyone in the family could dress up like smurfs, because the house kind of reminds me of the smurf village.

  3. There is a house in town on the corner of 9th St. SW & 7 Ave. SW that has a roof that looks very much like this home. I love driving past it because of the roof...I wonder if there is some kind of connection.


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