Friday, March 12, 2010


On our Cincinnati trip we spent a day in downtown Cincy -- walking the riverfront, going to the top of Carew Tower, and visiting the downtown TJ Maxx.  What can I say?  The store lured us in with the promise of finding treasure.

We didn't find any treasures, but we did find a large assortment of hats.  BIG hats.  FANCY hats.  FUN hats.  

We found ourselves wishing we had somewhere to wear these beauties

and the guts to wear the hats if we did have somewhere to wear them.

Though something tells me our Wild One would have no problem wearing one of these hats.  For that matter --- neither would Baby Girl. 

Our girls are secure with who they are, and don't care so much what other people would think if they wore the hats.  They would be more likely to think that other ladies would be jealous that they weren't the ones with the adornments. 

I would be one of those jealous ladies.
Wishing I had one of the beautiful hats on my head, but too insecure and unsure to wear one.


  1. Nice Pictures -- I like the darker hat with the colorful 'feathers'?

    Looks like fun! -- you know I like hats ;)

  2. so fun! I def. will own one of these some day :)

  3. Auntie Amy10:27 PM CDT

    They would definately be the first to mock someone else wearing one of those fabulous hats! :)

  4. Most def. not! Miss Amy!!!! I LOVE THEM and look forward to the day when i can!!!! You're just jealous!!!!


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