Monday, March 22, 2010

Frosting love . . .

Last week I saw a recipe for a yummy frosting on Pioneer Woman's blog.  As I read over the ingredients and directions for the frosting, I recognized the frosting.  It was MY favorite frosting!

I had always reserved this frosting recipe for when I made my friend Gail's Red Velvet Cake.  Because that's the frosting Gail said goes with the cake.  I trust Gail.

What I failed to consider was the possibility of frosting other baked goods with this amazing "cooked" frosting recipe.  I haven't made Red Velvet Cake in years -- although I used to make it for all the kids birthdays -- until they started requesting other cakes or desserts.  Or dirt....cake.  

Call it the power of suggestion -- or craving -- or a sweet tooth, but I needed a reason to make these chocolate cupcakes and frost them with my favorite frosting.  When friends of ours called Saturday afternoon inviting us over for dinner that night -- I started baking.

The frosting did not disappoint.
The cupcakes weren't bad either.


  1. those look good!!! I love cake!

  2. Yum, the sprinkles look good! I want one!

  3. I DEFINITELY enjoyed them! Thanks again for dinner too :)

  4. I too love that frosting recipe... I like frosting in general, but that one is particularly good...

  5. confirmed -- very good. :)


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