Thursday, March 04, 2010


This is much harder on my than I expected.  Tears come unexpectedly today. Like they are now.  I had a feeling that pulling her collar from my purse, and moving her little basket bed might trigger the river of tears again.

It's strange not to see her, or hear her yipes to be picked up or put down.  Nobody is telling her to quit licking -- the carpet -- or even the air.  It was incessant, the licking.  Constant licking.  Rarely did she lick us, just the air around us.  Right now, I'd like to hear that licking sound.

Maddie - 6 weeks old

Maddie joined our family in September, 1998.  She was about 2 pounds and so itty-bitty at six-weeks.  We compared her to a Beanie Baby and a pop can!

6 weeks old
A couple days after Maddie came home with us she got very sick.  For several days and nights I would feed her every 2 hours a special puppy formula through an eye dropper.  She slept in a basket next to our bed at night.  We also put karo syrup and cake mate (yes frosting) on her little gums to get some sugar quickly into her body for energy -- (sugar is quickly absorbed through the gums).  Within a couple weeks Maddie was eating on her own, and acting more "puppy-ish" -- however, she was never a naughty puppy.  She trained easy and fast - and never damaged things -- she was so small she really couldn't do much damage.

Halloween, 1998
 Maddie drew attention everywhere we took her.
Her size and cute factor were too hard for people to resist.

First Birthday!

Animal lovers, particularly pet lovers/owners know that it doesn't take long -- like minutes -- before our pets weave their way into our hearts and lives

Protecting, welcoming and loving us unconditionally. 
Day after day.  Week after week.
Year after year.

DIY Guy once teased me as I made a soft cushy bed for our first puppy when we were newly married.  He said, "all a dog needs is a newspaper to lay on".  From that day on, all our dogs have proven him wrong as they look for the softest spot in a room to lay down.

Maddie would make her bed on anything that was low enough for her to climb up on.  Or in. 
A pillow, a sweatshirt or jacket left on the floor - even a purse.

Yesterday we said good-bye to our Maddie

and good-bye to her long pink tongue

She is missed.
especially by me.

last week (Feb 28)
How long?
How long before I can go a day without crying?
Time heals.  I know.
But time seems to be going so slowly right now.

Gabby is doing a good job comforting me

She greets me with doggie smiles when I come home -- and cuddles up next to me each night.
It's like she senses I need comforting.

C'mon Gabby... time for bed.....


  1. Memory of Maddie: I wonder how many times the phone rang - and it was someone from out on Chateau Rd or Villa Rd calling to say a cute little dog (had limped all the way out to the road) was out there on the road... and she wouldn't move... oh my... I'm so thankful she was never hit.

  2. it hasn't really hit me yet... since i haven't been home since she's been gone... i'm dreading coming home and not seeing her. poor maddie...

  3. Cheri,
    They are like our babies aren't they? Oh I have tears for you. You gave her such a wonderful life:)

  4. Sorry Cheri, I know she was a special one.

  5. Anonymous10:37 AM CST

    I'm so sorry! Maddie was a sweetheart even with that incessant tongue! She had that "little dog" courage and knew how to stand her ground. It's heartbreaking to lose a part of your family. I'm sure Maddie misses her too.

  6. I know exactly how you feel. It was 5 months ago yesterday that we lost our Molly. We still tear takes a long time. Someday we'll get another pup but we wonder if we are ready yet. It's good you can get away this weekend, it'll be good for you. I'm glad you have the comfort from Gabby. Thinking about you...have a good time with your kids.

  7. I know how you feel! Our Jack died a year ago, our dogs truly become a member of the family. My parents adopted another dog, but no dog can replace Jack. You're luck to have another puppy dog there to comfort you. :)

  8. Anonymous12:48 AM CST

    I'm so sad ....I'm just reading your blog because I'm missing you and now I read this. I wish you were here so I could give you a hug. She will be missed. I Love You!

  9. Cheri & family, I'm sorry for your loss!! Losing a pet (our puppy was put to sleep Sept '08) is very difficult. Prayers for all of you!


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