Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cute puppy warning

If you are susceptible to falling in love with puppy cuteness, puppydog eyes, or fluffy furballs -- which then may lead to a late night (or early morning) run
to the nearest breeder --  

consider this fair warning to go no further than THIS.

I warned you
This little guy is sooooo cute
and irresistible
and has the sweetest 
puppy breath.

and these two kiddos are a perfect match for puppy.

Look they all have the same eye color!
They belong together

I love kids and puppies together.

They call puppy -- "Pixel"
Love the name!

As long as we are talking dogs here ... check this dog story out....it is unique and amazing

Watch CBS News Videos Online


  1. Very cute puppy (yes, and kids too).

    And that video -- how amazing is that?!

  2. Cute video about the dog and elephant! Oh and I work at those kids' school and their grandpa is our pastor. :)


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